"Voice Teacher Gordon Faith combines a thorough knowledge of voice production with deep psychological understanding and intuition; he can also be very funny. Having studied several therapeutic techniques, he also knows how to apply them imaginatively when needed. A session with Gordon will raise self awareness, understanding and confidence of any serious student of voice and speech."


Karin Fernald Actress






Gordon holds the following qualifications:



L.R.A.M. (Royal Academy of Music ‘Speech & Drama’)

I.P.A. (International Phonetics Association) 

(under Greta Colson)

Diploma Remedial Speech (auspices of Middlesex University )


MCHC (UK) Counselling & Hypnotherapy at UK Training College (at St Charles Hospital) City & Guilds: Counselling & Advanced Hypnosis

(specialising in Relaxation, Performance Nerves and Obsessive thoughts)